Compassionate Coaching for authentic self expression

It's time to break the silence

You've held your tongue long enough.  You've kept the peace, you've followed along.  As a way to avoid conflict. As your way to feel belonging.

You've been the Good Girl, the people pleaser, the keeper of peace, and likely even a perfectionist. I see you. I see myself in those titles as well.

Imagine a place where your Yes and No feel honest and true.  Where you are able to speak for your needs, your desires, your ideas. A place where you don't have to hold back your voice. Where you don't have to always go along with the needs and desires of others before your own. Where you can be confidently who you are instead of who you "should" be.

There is a voice deep inside you that I call Your Truest Voice.

It’s beneath the voices you heard as a kid telling you who you should be.  It’s beneath the voices of the culture telling you who you should be. Beneath even the voices of the “experts” who claim to know better than you.

Beneath all this is your voice. Your beliefs, your desires, your ideas. Your unique and beautiful voice designed perfectly for this moment. 

When you discover and speak Your Truest Voice you step boldly into the fullness of who you are in this world.  Your confidence grows. Your purpose unfolds. And you find deep belonging not only with yourself, but with others who see your brilliance. 

It is not an easy path. There will be fear. There will be resistance. And you will not be alone. 

It is my honor to walk alongside you as you excavate Your Truest Voice and discover ways to share it with the world. To welcome you in precisely as you are in this moment. Assisting you in connecting to your wisdom about next steps.  And to cheer you on and celebrate with you as you take those steps toward authentic self-expression.

If you feel ready to walk this path, I'd love to connect with you to talk more about how we could partner on this journey

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