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I am a life coach for good girls and people pleasers. I am dedicated to helping them know, trust, and courageously share their voices. To unpack the conditioning and expectations keeping them small so that they can feel secure in their ability to express their desires, needs, and beliefs. I believe that when women express their truest selves, our voices can create radical positive change in the world.

What is your truest voice longing to say?

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Musings on self-acceptance, self-love, compassion and self-expression

August 5, 2021


July 29, 2021


July 22, 2021


Why Self-Expression?

I care about self-expression because it's a big part of my story. Years of people pleasing and  trying to be the good girl led me to silence my voice. As my own journey unfolds, I'm excited support others going through similar struggles.

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