Beginning the Journey

By Kim K Gray

How did it feel, that moment when you decided you wanted to get to know yourself better? Was there fear?  Was there excitement? Did you notice if it changed how you looked at the world at all?

The following is something I wrote as I began my journey to knowing myself. I wonder, can you relate? How do you feel after reading it? Share with me in the comments.

As she looks out on the horizon, she can feel the expanse. That in front of her as well as within. As if her cells are reaching out to connect with the atoms of the horizon.
In her mind is awe. Also a thirst. To know. To see. To feel.
She yearns to know the world and it’s orchestrations. To see deep into its mysteries. And to feel the rhythm of its pulses.
There is a corner of her that does. Does know. Does see. Does feel. She notices it like the flicker of a candle. She reaches for the tiny flame. Coaxing it to ignite. To reach every limit of herself. To fill her up.
Then, she will see that she has no edges
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