New Year, More You

By Kim K Gray

Welcome to 2020

How are you feeling? This year has begun on a heavy note. My heart aches and I'm feeling the overwhelm of what my role is in all that's going on in the world. I feel the weight of the impacts of human's poor management of our resources around the world - from Australian bush fires to unseasonable weather. I feel the weight of people detained at borders and treated differently because of where they are their ancestors were born. I'm angry over the many ways bigotry, hatred, discrimination, and injustice are allowed to continue and even championed.

What I know is that I have a role in all this. I have a responsibility to do my part. Gone are the days of sitting in my privilege with the ability to ignore politics and current events. I am choosing to spend my time, energy, and money focusing on my values of compassion, acceptance, and worthiness of all beings.

This is all very relevant to what I wanted to share with you today. It's relevant because what I think is needed is for all of us to step into the fullness of who we are. Don't be distracted by the call for new years resolutions or weight loss and exercise plans. Where the world may ask you to step into a NEW and BETTER you, I'm asking you to step into MORE of you. The market longs for us to put our money towards "bettering" ourselves in all the ways possible. What I long for, however, is MORE of us AS WE ARE. For the ability to stop doing and spend more time being.

My good friend and coach Sheila Delaney Duke speaks often of becoming ever more ourselves and I think she has it just right.

How can we more and more turn away from the external messages telling us we need to be other than we already are, and lean into exactly who we are right now?

Leaning into who we are right now does not stop us from evolving. It does not mean we stop trying or stay complacent, there's still room to grow. It's a growth focused on the essence of who we are and who we can become rather than a focus on who we "should" be or who we are expected to be.

For myself this has been a long journey. I have a strong pull towards doing what's expected. I like to know that I'm doing things "right". I did not grow up with much sense of my own inner voice and my own desires. There were the ones that felt safe like falling in love with wolves. And also the desires I did not follow through on. I remember a time as a young adult where I longed to spend a summer working at a program in Northern Michigan working with wolves in some fashion. Even though my parents were supportive, I never followed through. Perhaps I felt too afraid of getting what I wanted? Or that perhaps I didn't deserve it? Perhaps I longed for the outside voices to push me forward so I'd know it was the "right" thing to do.

Now I am determined to listen to that inner voice and what she has to say. Where once I had so little confidence in the wisdom there, now I am building more. I've come to recognize that there is wisdom simply in my unique experience in the world. The same is true for you.

So as we move into this new year and new decade, how can you connect more to yourself?

To more of your yes - to the things that you desire so deeply
To more of your no - for the things that don't nourish you and your loved ones
To more of your passions - for the things that spark your interest and carry you along
To more of your style and more of your voice - for your unique expression in the world

The world needs it all.

If you are longing to connect with your own inner wisdom and how it can be expressed into the world, I have a few ways I can support you:

  1. Learn more about me and my work in this podcast interview with my friend and fellow Beautiful You Coaching Academy coach, Jess Wagner
  2. Check out my tips in The Journey to Courageous Self Expression on Instagram 
  3. Book a free 30 minute exploratory call. I have 3 spots open for 1:1 coaching and I'd love to hear what you're longing to achieve for yourself

I can't wait to see how you impact the world around you this year.

much love,

Kim K Gray

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