Why I interviewed 9 coaches/healers about Radical Self-Trust

By Kim K Gray

Last year when I interviewed coaches and healers about Your Truest Voice, I was deep in my own journey of finding and reclaiming my own truest voice. As I've mentioned in other places, when I saw the notion of a connection between thyroid disease and voice, I came face to face with the fact that I had been silencing myself.

As I began to uncover what it was that I longed to say, I ran smack dab into self-doubt. Who am I to say these things? Who's going to care about what I say? Am I right? What if people don't like what I say? All these thoughts swam through my mind. Even for the things that seemed so simple, like saying No.

I wondered if saying No was selfish. If I was letting people down. If it was just plain mean. So I began to realize just how often I wasn't able to trust myself. To trust my own voice. Whenever I made a decision I'd often first go off and consult outside voices to get confirmation that I was doing the right thing. It wasn't enough to listen to my own intuition, I had to have confirmation from experts or friends and family that I was doing the right thing. Heaven forbid I end up being wrong!

So this idea of Radical Self Trust emerged. Not only how can I trust my own inner voice, but how can I trust it radically?

What do I mean by Radical Self Trust?

I mean a sense of trusting yourself in the times you are going against the grain.  Trusting yourself to step out on your own into a place where questioning, doubts, and criticism is likely.  How can I trust myself when my path diverges from the norm?

So this Radical Self Trust series is as much for me as it is for you. I've been inspired by the stories these women have told and I hope you are too.  And if you haven't signed up, you can still get the remaining 4 interviews HERE.

I think the biggest take away for me has been the importance of resiliency. Where the more we can trust in our own resiliency, the more we are able to trust ourselves in every moment. Because if we know that no matter what happens, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and go again, then taking that first step into trust is less scary.

My journey to self-trust has been a lot of listening. Listening to my own inner voice and what she has to say about what I think, what I believe, and what I desire. Also listening to my fears and worries and giving them a safe and welcome place to land. And watching for the times when I fall into patterns of looking outside myself as a way to find trust in my own voice. I take small steps. Every time I trust myself to do a small thing and it turns out fine, I trust myself more. And every time I fall down and pick myself back up again, I build trust in my resiliency. I don’t think it is work that will ever be done.  I don’t think that self-trust is a destination.  It is a journey. A journey I'm committed to taking.

How about you?

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