A Key in my Self-Expression Journey

By Kim K Gray

A key part of my own unfolding expression has been writing. It was the first step I took in freeing my voice. When I realized I had been silencing myself, my first question was, what do I long to say? So I sat down and imagined handing my soul a pen, opening up to what she longed to say. And I wrote.

I began a blog (you can see it here) to capture and share my writing and it felt like being naked because for so long I had kept it all inside. At the same time it felt like freedom. You can read about the sense of freedom in this series.

As I moved into coaching my writing began to fall away, being replaced by content creation. At times that voice from deep inside me would come through, but mostly I have been writing to share my thoughts, beliefs, and experience. And I began to miss that voice from my soul. I knew I needed to make space for it, but I wasn't sure how.

I started blocking my time, setting aside blocks of time for "writing". And I wrote, but mostly that time was filled with writing content for my blog and social media. Again, sometimes that deeper voice would come through, but most of the time my writing was coming from my head.

I struggled to explain to my mastermind sisters what it was that I wanted. What I was trying to make space for. How I could be writing but not really be writing in the way that I wanted to. Not writing in the way that was the fullest expression of myself. I struggled with how this expressive writing fit into my business and into the rest of the content I was sharing.

Then one day I received confirmation of how important my writing is (Thank you, Charlotte). Of how much it longed to be expressed out into the world. And a sense of sacredness came to me. So I decided to erect a temple. I imagined walking into a space all for me and my writing. Now, I make space at least once a week to go into my writing temple and express my soul. I've let go of the need for everything that shows up in the temple to be shared and am focusing on just making space to fully express myself.

And I realize, this is what my work is all about: about helping YOU express your soul. Whether that's through writing, other creative endeavors, or simply speaking a "no, thank you" when boundaries feel hard to erect. I dream of a world where women feel confident and free to be wholly themselves. So I hope that my own work in expressing my full self can serve as inspiration for you.

In this vein, and thanks to the wonderful mentoring and encouragement of Sora Surya No, once a month I will be opening up my temple and I invite you to join me. Together we will enter our temples and create space for our souls to come forth. It is my gift to you.

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