Garden of Belonging Podcast

Introducing…The Garden of Belonging

By Kim K Gray

For the woman afraid to make waves
The Keeper of Peace
Always agreeable
Looking outside for answers
Trusting "experts" over herself

The people pleasers
The good girls

For us, I introduce…

The Garden of Belonging

A place for us to tend to ourselves.
To get to know ourselves, trust ourselves, and love ourselves.
A place for us to walk the path together towards more authentic and full expression of who we are in the world.

Join me to:
Uncover who you are behind the masks
Honor your unique essence
Claim your power
Reveal the gift that you are

What is The Garden of Belonging?

The Garden of Belonging is both a community and a podcast dedicated to exploration of the ideas above. Listen to the podcast, then join the community for deeper conversations related to the podcast topics. Or join the community and get early access to podcast episodes!

About The Garden of Belonging Community

In this free community you will receive:

  • Early access to the forthcoming Garden of Belonging podcast
  • Monthly themes and journal prompts to support you on your journey
  • First chance spots in my monthly Creativity Circle
  • Community learning and support as we explore topics related to our belonging

Bonus: Join before October and receive my self-study workbook for Dreaming Your Post COVID Life

Upcoming themes:

September - Your Truest Voice - Exploring our inner voice and what helps us speak up

October - Self-Knowledge - fun with personality types, Human Design, Enneagram, and more!

November - The Good Girl - who is she and what role does she play in our lives?

What about the podcast?

The podcast launches 9/24, but you can listen to the teaser episode below or wherever you get your podcasts!

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