Garden of Belonging Podcast

S1E3: You Are Love with Mariko Brenner

By Kim K Gray

Today I hope you will enjoy my conversation with Transformational Coach, Mariko Brenner.

Mariko helps her clients build their magnetic marketing by understanding their unique Human Design. She supports high functioning healers and coaches who feel burnt out by posting on social media every day and are frustrated, trying to build their audience on Instagram! She is passionate about helping soul-driven men and womxn to create offers and attract dream clients by understanding their unique medicine within. She hosts online workshops for writers and poets, leads Breath-work facilitation journeys, and teaches womxn to hold space powerfully in her online community, The Sacred Business Mastermind. Mariko is a 4/6 Reflector in Human Design.

A Brief Note: There is a fair amount of kid chatter in the background of our conversation despite my using a headset.  I'm learning as I go and this is part of the reality of being a work at home mom!

We speak about:

  • The fear of being judged and not loved
  • How human design has helped Mariko connect with her truest voice
  • The importance of support
  • How we can express our truest voice without using our voice at all

Voices Mariko would like to life up:

  • the voices of the shy and quiet people - the sensitive healers, writers, artists, and musicians.
  • Kelly Moody: Instagram and Podcast

Connect with Mariko:

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