Garden of Belonging Podcast

S1E4: Trust Yourself with Robin Kimbrel Wiggs

By Kim K Gray

Today I hope you will enjoy my conversation with Sacred Guide, Robin Kimbrel Wiggs

Robin is a Sacred Guide. Utilizing the sacred practices of Shamanic Journeying and ceremony, she moves her clients through belief patterns and repeating behaviors that keep them from living their fullest, most beautiful life. She lives in Colorado with her Partner, their dog, their cat and 4 hens. Her favorite place to be in the world is in the forest, communing with the trees and being in stillness.

We talk about:

  • The acceptance of aging
  • How our truest voice changes as we grow
  • The impact of sisterhood on connecting to our truest voice
  • Self-acceptance and aging
  • Listening to the voices of our male allies

Connect with Robin:

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