Garden of Belonging Podcast

S1E7: Dive In! with Whitney Oppenhuizen

By Kim K Gray

Today I hope you will enjoy my conversation with Intuitive Relationship Coach, Whitney Oppenhuizen (open-hizen)


Whitney is focused on supporting clients to develop a deeper connection to their intuition as they navigate relationships of all kinds. She works with those who are ready to make major shifts, leave old patterns in the dust and start to live as their truest selves in relationship to themselves and others. She loves supporting her clients as they learn how to use their intuition, grow more deeply connected to themselves and in develop strong and meaningful relationships in their lives.

NOTE: If you have little ones around, you may want to pop in earphones as there is a bit of adult language. We also had a bit of trouble with our connection which is why it's choppy in parts.

We talk about:

  • The connection between your truest voice and your intuition
  • How connecting with her truest voice unlocked everything she wanted
  • The ways your truest voice can get your attention
  • The truth at the base of Buddhist texts and other spiritual texts

You can learn more about Whitney on her website -, via her Podcast she co-hosts - The Messy Path (available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify), on Instagram at whit_beingoppen or on Facebook - Being Oppen or reach out to her directly at

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