Garden of Belonging Podcast

S2E11 with Sadie Tichelaar

By Kim K Gray

Welcome to Season 2! This season we are exploring the concept of honoring ourselves. What does that mean and what does it look like?

 Today I speak with Sadie Tichelaar.

 Sadie is a qualified and certified UK life coach for women who are ready to shake off external expectation; embrace their truest self and live a life of deep and meaningful fulfilment. She uses her superpowers of intuition, empathy and curiosity to support women to uncover their own superpowers and step boldly into living the best possible version of themselves.

 We talk about:

  • Accepting and owning yourself as you are
  • Being willing to explore your darker parts
  • Getting caught up in comparison
  • The balance of structure and flow
  • Letting go of expectations that aren't ours
  • Healing as a spiral
  • Checking in with yourself
  • Work vs purpose
  • Listening to your body

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