Garden of Belonging Podcast

Podcast Season 3 Kick-off

By Kim K Gray

Welcome to Season 3 of The Garden of Belonging Podcast!

This season I'm sharing a series of interviews I did back in 2019 entitled Radical Self-Trust. I'm sharing these conversations now because self-trust is critical in our ability to show up fully as ourselves.

Why does this matter? Because I believe we all deserve more than just fitting in. More than the gymnastics we feel we must do to feel accepted. I believe we all deserve to belong. To be fully seen and accepted as the wholeness of who we are. And allowing ourselves to be seen in that way takes courage and trust.  A lot of courage and trust.

Today I share a solo episode letting you know what's up in my world and how I see this season fitting into the bigger picture of The Garden of Belonging.

I hope you enjoy it!

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