Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 20: Radical Self-Trust with Sheila Delaney Duke

By Kim K Gray

Today my guest is Sheila Delaney Duke. Sheila is a coach, evocateur and student of the human experience. She is driven by her own story to help us live and lead more authentically, more brightly, for the bone-deep satisfaction that comes from serving well. She focuses on the sweet spot where self-trust meets radical responsibility, knowing this is where mind, heart, and body come into potent alignment. She works directly with the energy of our desires and amplifies gifts we have already.

Individuals and teams who engage with Sheila remember how to befriend themselves with kindness and calm, and to extend this care to others. She left the practice of law nearly twenty years ago and has been a heart centered coach and soulful mentor ever since.

Follow her on IG (@sheiladelaneyduke) for details on her upcoming live event: Ever More Myself: Remembering, Reclaiming, and Rewilding our Voices.

Sheila and I talk about:

  • Self-trust as an act of remembering
  • Trusting ourselves to endure the outcome
  • Autoimmune disease and self-trust
  • How we can allow the opinions of others to influence us without giving up our agency
  • How sharing our stories can help others gain self-trust
  • And Radical self-trust as a joining of self-trust and self-responsibility 

You can find Sheila at:

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