Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 22: Radical Self-Trust with Megan Miller

By Kim K Gray

Today's guest is Megan Miller. Megan has been a mental health therapist for over ten years and recently added coaching into her practice, with an emphasis on supporting individuals to develop greater mindfulness and self-care in their daily lives. She currently offers both therapy and coaching through online platforms. Last year she moved from Portland to the Oregon coast where she lives with her partner Theron and their cat in a tiny cabin in the woods.


Megan and I talk about:

  • Self trust as a foundation
  • Balancing self-trust with self-reflection
  • How the system that gives power to experts is flawed
  • Normalizing self-doubt
  • How self-questioning can build our self-trust
  • The masculine lens of science and how it's just one piece of the puzzle


You can find Megan at:


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