Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 23: Radical Self-Trust with Jill Anderson

By Kim K Gray

Today my guest is Jill Anderson. Jill is an Expectations Exterminator & Empowerment Coach, foodie, doting auntie and nature-loving traveler. Through coaching, speaking and writing, Jill helps women who feel stuck and overwhelmed in their careers or relationships (aka LIFE!) ditch expectations. She helps them reconnect to their inner-compass, awaken to their sources of joy and empower themselves to grab life by the #amazeballs and live it their way.  Jill is a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, has a BS in Food Science, an MBA, more than a few job changes, a divorce and a helluva lot of perspective. She loves doing the work she is meant to do - helping women step into their truths, reclaim their power and kick ass with zero apologies.


Jill and I discuss:

  • Self-trust as a relationship with your intuition
  • How sometimes our inner voice starts to scream so loud we can't ignore it
  • Asking yourself first AND last
  • Our responsibility in consuming information
  • Being ok with making mistakes
  • The difference between self-trust and confidence


You can find Jill at:


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