Garden of Belonging Podcast

Season 1 Episode List

By Kim K Gray

Season 1 - Your Truest Voice

What happens when you lose connection to your inner voice? What gets in the way of that connection? How do you reconnect to it? These are the questions I explore with my guests in this season.

These interviews were inspired by my own personal journey. When I realized I'd been silencing my inner voice in favor of being agreeable and trying to fit in, I went on a quest to discover how to hear it again. You can read a bit more about my experience in this post.

I hope you enjoy these conversations!

Episode 1: The World Needs You with Jess Wagner

Episode 2: Don't Hold Back with Tracy Neely

Episode 3: You Are Love with Mariko Brenner

Episode 4: Trust Yourself with Robin Kimbrel Wiggs

Episode 5: Don't Worry About What Other People Think with Leah Masonick

Episode 6: What Happens if You Succeed with Anna Balciune

Episode 7: Dive In! with Whitney Oppenhuizen

Episode 8: Just Show Up with Susan Cato

Episode 9: Season Close Solo Episode

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