Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 28: Radical Self-Trust with Olya Kosogova

By Kim K Gray

Olya is an intuitive, teacher and artist based in Moscow, Russia. She is super passionate about us all living as our true, eternal, «full-size» selves. On her journey in life she has been motivated and led by her intuition, progressively learning to trust it more and more - in her personal life, in her physical healing journey and in finding her professional path in life.

Note: This conversation was recorded in late 2019

Olya and I talk about:

  • How self-trust is deeply connected with intuition and self-care
  • Trusting in something bigger than ourselves
  • Using experts only when you know exactly what you want from them
  • Trusting your own discernment
  • Radical self-trust in healing Lyme disease

You can find Olya at:


Art shop



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