Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 29: Season 3 Wrap-Up

By Kim K Gray

This is a brief solo episode to close out season 3. Sharing with you some thoughts on self-trust, what has been supportive for me and some new lenses on it that have shown up recently.


I share about:

  • Self-trust as foundational to belonging
  • Trusting myself with reintegration decisions
  • Sharing ourselves as a gift - from Nicola Humber
  • Self-trust as not being thirsty - from Helena Woods
  • Building evidence for trust via baby steps


Thank you for listening this season! If you know anyone who might benefit from listening, please share it with them. I appreciate any help getting the word out especially since I've left social media for the most part.


I'll be taking a pause while I prepare season 4 for you. Meanwhile, the best way to keep in touch with what I'm up to is by subscribing to my newsletter (link below).


Mentioned in this episode:

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