Garden of Belonging Podcast

Episode 35: Blooming Bravely with Kelsey Mech

By Kim K Gray

Kelsey Mech is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a mentor to creative humans and business owners. Through her one-on-one work and online programs, Kelsey supports women to connect to their intuition, live in integrity with their most authentic selves, and emotionally heal from old wounds and toxic messaging. Kelsey offers an online membership community, Wellspring, as well as other online courses and programs. She is also deeply committed to speaking about the need to let go of our collective social conditioning and move toward deep self-acceptance through her writing and podcast The Unraveled Life.

We talk about:

  • Being honest and generous with yourself
  • Leaning into fear
  • The ways we abandon ourselves to keep other people comfortable
  • Brené Brown, vulnerability, and courage
  • How broader systems impact our ability to express ourselves
  • Ancestral trauma and unraveling the stories passed down to us
  • Creating a supportive environment for us to Bloom Bravely
  • Kelsey's community - Wellspring
  • The importance of self-compassion 

Mentioned in this episode:
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Mara Glatzel - 
Varvara Erochina - 
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Elizabeth Gilbert - 
Glennon Doyle -
Brené Brown - 

Find Kelsey at: 

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