I’m Kim K Gray

I’m passionate about our ability to express our most authentic selves

I am a life coach for good girls and people pleasers.  I am dedicated to helping them know, trust, and courageously share their voices. To feel secure in their ability to express their desires, needs, and beliefs. I believe that when women express their truest selves, our voices can create radical positive change in the world.

My journey to this work began with a love for Pilates and was spurred on by my struggles with Hashimotos Thyroiditis and anxiety. What started as a curiosity for the human body became an imperative quest for improved health and well-being. 

My curiosity and thirst for knowledge was fueled by a desire to “find the answers” and “fix” myself.  I turned to experts for answers and tried all the diet changes and supplements, trying to feel better. 

A simple suggestion I stumbled upon on Pinterest opened my eyes to a new approach. The suggestion was that thyroid issues may be related to my relationship with my voice. 

The truth landed hard and I had to face all the ways I kept myself quiet. I noticed how hard it was for me to ask for what I wanted or even needed. I was driven by a desire to avoid making waves, avoid being a burden, and to keep the peace.  I was a people pleaser (a term that still feels icky and sticky to me).

Slowly, I began to try on using my voice. I began to speak what was true.  I began writing to express what was inside of me. And as I grew in this way, my anxiety began to reduce and my thyroid symptoms became more manageable. Granted, all my diet and lifestyle interventions helped as well.  Yet I truly didn’t feel relief from my anxiety until I was facing the fact that I wasn’t who I wanted to be.  Now, I’m able to be more present, more helpful, more patient with my children. I’m feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin. 

My journey is nowhere near done. I still silence myself. And I’m still searching for ways to stop the attack on my thyroid. So I keep digging.

For the question unasked, the truth unsaid, the pieces of myself yet revealed. 

I am passionate about working with women with similar stories. To walk alongside them as they connect more deeply with their voices and express themselves more fully. I feel an immense honor to witness these women step up for themselves. To see them unravel their own knowing of what stories drive them and how they long to rewrite them. 

I work with women who are struggling to fully express themselves. These are the people pleasers, good girls, and keepers of peace. Women who are agreeable sometimes when they don’t want to be. Women who look outside for answers instead of within themselves. Who trust “experts” over the signs their own bodies give them. And women who are ready to take action on their own inner voice. 

With curiosity and a focus on how they want to feel at the end of our time together, we work creatively to work self-inquiry and self-care into their lives in achievable ways. We start with accepting and embracing where they are beginning, for I believe it is impossible to change something we do not fully accept.  With curious and compassionate questioning, I help them envision where they want to go. With my gift of breaking things down into manageable steps, we create actions that bring them ever closer to their goals. It brings me great joy to encourage them and celebrate them along the way.