Focused Consultations

Feeling stuck?

Not sure where to start?

Looking for a taste of coaching without the commitment?

Sometimes we simply need a small push to move forward. Perhaps we aren't sure where to start or we are overwhelmed by all of the moving parts. 

A focused consultation may be exactly what you need.

With curiosity, powerful questions, and my gift for organizing moving parts, I will help you:

  • build clarity around the direction you want to move
  • Break things down into manageable chunks you can move forward on
  • Build inspiration and confidence in your ability to take action

With clarity, inspiration, confidence, and action steps you will walk away unstuck and ready to move forward. 

Here's what you can expect once you book a focused consult:

  • A questionnaire will be sent to you to fill out and return to me so I know what you are hoping to accomplish and can come prepared
  • We meet for a 1 hour session with focused coaching to get you in action
  • We meet again for a 30 minute follow up in 2 weeks time to close things up

This may be right for you if you have a small goal you are ready to take action on, but need some assistance with identifying the first steps. It may also be right for you if you want a taste of coaching but aren’t ready to commit to a long series.

This is not right for you if you have big or unclear goals that may take longer to clarify or months to accomplish (check out my coaching series for support in this area).

My ideal client is:

  • A woman who struggles with people pleasing
  • a "good girl"
  • In the process of reclaiming her voice
  • Wanting to build confidence in expressing her full self

Your Investment is $200

Have questions? Contact me to get them answered.

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