How can we make the BEST choice?

Making choices is one of the best times for the good girl in me to rise up. She’s very concerned about making the “right” choice. She wants to make the choice that others will approve and that harms no one. The thing is, that’s not a very good definition of a “right” choice. Sometimes the right

Building Walls

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve built a wall around yourself? That you can never fully connect and be yourself with others? The following is something I wrote when I was considering the walls I’ve erected. Sometimes we build these walls as children because it’s the only way we know how to cope with our

Beginning the Journey

How did it feel, that moment when you decided you wanted to get to know yourself better? Was there fear?  Was there excitement? Did you notice if it changed how you looked at the world at all? The following is something I wrote as I began my journey to knowing myself. I wonder, can you relate?

Sitting with Fear

Fear and I are good friends.  She is the friend who holds me back from doing the things I long to do, from being the person I long to be.  Yet I know in truth that she’s there only trying to keep me safe. Sometimes she convinces me to run in the other direction.  Sometimes

The Journey (Stepping into your full self)

Below is a story I wrote sometime last year.  I was my way of capturing the feelings I was having about stepping into my full self, including stepping into coaching.  I had built walls around myself as a sort of protection and though I knew they were no longer serving me, I had a lot

Getting Comfortable with the Dark

How many of us were afraid of the dark as children? And how did we get the idea that the dark is scary? Maybe you had cousins like I did who were obsessed with horror movies and scary masks. Or maybe you were exposed to fairy tales with scary witches and things that go bump