What happened to the part of you that knows exactly what you want?

The part that knows how to say No to the things you don't?

You've kept it silent in order to not make waves.

You've played at "easy going" because that seemed like the easiest thing to do. The path of least resistance.

You've agreed to things you didn't really want to do because you didn't want to disappoint someone.

And you've begun to lose trust in that voice inside you, instead looking outside for answers.

And that voice inside you, the one I call Your Truest Voice, it's starting to speak a little louder.  Vying for your attention.

Now the words you have silenced, the needs you have set aside, and the desires you have buried can no longer be ignored.

You desire to reconnect with and reclaim that voice.

To get clarity on what it's trying to say.

To rebuild trust in yourself and your decisions.

To know that your choices are wholeheartedly yours and be confident in speaking them. 

From this place of knowing and trusting your voice, you will forge a path toward belonging to yourself from which will stem even deeper belonging in the world

image of Kim

I am Kim K Gray and I am life coach passionate about helping womxn know, trust, and confidently express their truest voices.

I too silenced myself.  I too was "easy going", saying "yes" so as not to disappoint.  I was the woman I thought I was supposed to be.  And it wasn't working. As I began to peel off the voices that came from outside and reveal that truest voice within, I gained a greater sense of self worth and self trust. I am learning to belong to myself and, in turn, finding more belonging with others.

Footprints in the sand

My curiosity and compassionate space holding will allow you to:

  • Find compassion and acceptance for yourself as you are right now
  • Reconnect with your truest voice and its brilliance for your life
  • Build courage and confidence to shift and move towards more authentic self expression

Kim helped me see a long-standing issue in a different light that will guide me from here on

Robin Kimbrell Wiggs

What you can expect from our journey together

  • We start with a 30 minute complimentary chat (based on answers you provide to a questionnaire) so I can get to know what you are hoping to accomplish and you can get to know me. This will help us decide whether we are a good fit for each other. 
  •  Next we schedule 6 video sessions up to 1 hour, over the course of 3 months (about every 2 weeks)
  • During these sessions we work together towards inspiring goals using clear action steps
  • I am available via email and Voxer between sessions for quick updates and questions
  •  We will close with our 6th session celebrating your progress. 

Your Investment



Single Payment

Pay up front and save

Kim was just the person I need to come into my life: she knows how to ask important reflective questions, offers advice without judgement, gives the push/motivation I need, she grants me the permission to be patient with myself.  My life has changed dramatically. I'm in a much different/better place and I credit Kim with that


For you IF

  •  You are committed to change
  •  You are ready for deep honesty with yourself
  •  You are willing and able to make space in your schedule for our sessions and your action steps

Not for you if

  • You are unsure whether you are ready to make changes
  • You are not ready to commit to 3 months
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