Robin Kimbrell Wiggs

For me, and where I was at the time it was perfect.  I'm not just saying that, it really was perfect.  Kim helped me see a long-standing issue in a different light that will guide me from here on.


This experience changed my life. Kim was just the person I needed to come into my life: she knows how to ask important reflective questions, offers advice without judgement, gives the push/motivation I need, she grants me permission to be patient with myself. My life has changed dramatically. I'm in a much different/better place and I credit Kim with that.


She is an unusually compassionate and curious person, which makes her an unusually good listener. She is one of very few people I have encountered who doesn’t require that she understand someone’s perspective in order to have faith that it is valid. So I never feel judged, and I always feel accepted exactly as I am, which means I always feel safe with her.

Tamie Posnick

It's been liberating to have more of a direction. Family and friends are definitely feeling my confidence. I am on a path with more clarity and more willing to step up to a bigger calling.

Melanie Gurley

I figured out how to address larger to-do tasks or projects by breaking them down into all of the little things that need to happen in order to even begin! Inwardly, I think I have more self-acceptance about my needs and abilities, and this helps me to be clear with my needs, requests, and boundaries. I feel more confident.


I sought out coaching because I wanted to find ways to stop thinking about food and new ways to reward myself with pleasures that don't involve food. After coaching, I now give time at the end of the day for exercise and a self care regimen. This is my new pleasurable reward!

Andrea Cincora

My husband says I do smile more on [our coaching days]. But I have noticed a difference in myself, I feel at ease.