Ready to embark on a journey with me?

It is my true honor to bring compassion, deep listening, and encouragement to support you in reaching your goals. Below you will find my current offerings.

Path through forest

1 Session Journey

Partner with me for a focused 1 on 1 session dedicated to getting you into action in a particular area. 

3 Month Journey

Partner with me for 1 on 1 coaching every 2 weeks over the course of 3 months. 

Coming Fall 2019

6 Month Journey

Partner with me for 1 on 1 coaching every 2 weeks over the course of 6 months. 

Coming Soon

Kind Words...

"I figured out how to address larger to-do tasks or projects by breaking them down into all of the little things that need to happen in order to even begin! Inwardly, I think I have more self-acceptance about my needs and abilities, and this helps me to be clear with my needs, requests, and boundaries. I feel more confident."

"My husband says I do smile more on [our coaching days]. But I have noticed a difference in myself, I feel at ease."

"She is an unusually compassionate and curious person, which makes her an unusually good listener. She is one of very few people I have encountered who doesn’t require that she understand someone’s perspective in order to have faith that it is valid. So I never feel judged, and I always feel accepted exactly as I am, which means I always feel safe with her"

Jeny Staiman

"I feel like I know where to start.  Like I have a plan, no matter what it is.  I know how to start and get it done.  Although we focused on one public event, since then I have launched an event for my own business and also was invited and presented for another group.  It's on now!"

"It's been liberating to have more of a direction.  Family and friends are definitely feeling my confidence. I am on a path with more clarity and more willing to step up to a bigger calling."

Tamie Posnick

"I sought out coaching because I wanted to find ways to stop thinking about food and new ways to reward myself with pleasures that don't involve food.  After coaching, I now give time at the end of the day for exercise and a self care regimen. This is my new pleasurable reward!"