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Where do you feel the most comfortable expressing yourself?

We express ourselves in so many different ways. Some of us find our fullest expression through our words, through art, through dance, through music… So many ways.

How we express ourselves is also often impacted by our context. In some contexts we feel more freely able to express ourselves where in others we feel less free.

Sometimes we feel stuck, unable to express ourselves. Afraid of expressing the wrong thing.  We feel boxed in by the expectations for how we are supposed to show up. Or perhaps simply because it’s been made clear our voice is not welcome. We all have our own reasons.

As a young girl I told myself the story that my voice wasn’t welcome and that all my thoughts and feelings belonged bottled up inside me. The place I felt most comfortable expressing myself was in my journal. It was there that I was allowed to be sad, angry, disappointed, ecstatic. Sometimes my words came simply in a Dear Diary sort of way. At other times my words came in poetry.

Still today I feel best able to express myself through writing. And it was writing, and sharing that writing that began to break me free of my fortress of silence. You can read more about it in this blog post.

I’m curious about you. Where do you feel safest expressing yourself? How do you feel most comfortable expressing yourself? What holds you back?

Learning about your experience helps me to better serve you and my community.

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